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One Ocean Diving

Diving and Swimming with Sharks
Oahu, Hawaii

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Learn to Swim with Sharks with One Ocean Diving!


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Come Swim with Sharks!

Come out on our exciting and education two hour program to learn about Sharks (Manō is the Hawaiian word for sharks.) Learn from professionally trained and experienced shark safety divers and marine scientists about manō (sharks) and the other unique marine life in the pelagic waters off the coast of the beautiful island of O’ahu. Your professional safety dive and marine biologist will not only guide you in-water during your snorkel, but they will also educate you on the environment and the marine life in the area. While helping you during your snorkel the marine biologist is also collecting research data on each dive. Your marine biologist, naturalist, and/or research intern will provide you with a break down of the species and behaviors seen during your dive and answer any questions you have.

Have fun swimming with sharks with the most experienced, professional, qualified, certified, insured, and highly trained guides in the world.

This shark dive helps support the conservation and research efforts of all of the One Ocean Organization divisions and affiliates.

If it is your first time snorkeling in the ocean don’t be nervous the professional team at One Ocean will help you to overcome your fears and empower you with unique information on how to maximize your enjoyment and safety.

We also offer video and photography options if you would like to capture and share your experience.

The #SharkSnorkelProgram is an interactive research based program now open to the public. Hailed as “one of the best programs for inspiring marine conservation.”

Founded as a research program By Ocean Ramsey and Juan Oliphant, One Ocean Diving opened to the public in an effort to help educate people about safety considerations for coexisting with sharks as well as the importance sharks for the health of marine ecosystems and to inspire marine conservation efforts

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What Is One Ocean Diving?

This is much more than just a shark dive. One Ocean Diving is division of One Ocean Conservation and a part of One Ocean Global. One Ocean Diving is open to the public to facilitate an exciting and immersive program that supports the ongoing research while educating the public in a very fun way about conservation needs and efforts. One Ocean Diving is a feel good and easy way for the public to support marine conservation efforts while they have fun in a recreational activity under the safety of the most extensively trained professionals who work full time as marine animal researchers and guides.

We are passionate about helping people to better understand sharks and marine animals and we love to help people to learn how to safely interact with them in the ocean.

The One Ocean Diving pelagic program is unique to any other experience in the world! You will learn so much practical and useful information about sharks and marine animals on the quick ride in and out of the harbor so that if you were ever on your own and approached by large marine animals when you are not with one of our guides you will better know how to respond.

So come join us on one of our dives and experience it for yourself how incredible each species is! You will walk away with a new understanding and appreciation for these animals and hopefully will help spread the word to help save the ocean!

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What To Expect?

Expect to enjoy a unique, amazing, fun, and educational adventure swimming with sharks in the gorgeous blue water off Hawaii under the safety and guidance of professional marine animal researchers and experts who will share unique and useful information.

Meet at Haleiwa Harbor by the BLUE KIOSK with the sign on top.

Be sure to be there by ten minutes prior to your booking time (departure time.)

**The boats always leave on time so please don’t be late, there is a strict no-show=no-refund cancellation policy so that all charters operate in the best weather conditions and on-time for people who need to make it to work or catch a flight so we always run on-time. Please leave time for parking and just in case of traffic. There are good cafes and shops if you get to Haleiwa town early.

You will be welcomed onboard one of our research vessels that will drive over and tie up at the loading area next to the big white fish scale scaffolding ten minutes prior to departure. If its departure time and you are waiting at the kiosk walk over and ask the boat closest to the blue One Ocean Diving Kiosk where the One Ocean Diving Boat loads.

The captain will go over safety information and help fit you for a pair of fins. On the way out to the dive sites your in-water shark safety guide and marine animal expert will explain everything you want to know about what to do, and what not to do, while you’re in the water. The biologist will cover an overview of our research, some information about our traditional Hawaiian culture that ties into the Ocean, as well as the modern science, biology, physiology, social behavior, and how all of that relates to things that you can do to have a healthy and respectful interaction. The information shared is also helpful in case you encounter large marine animals when you’re on your own after the program and we are happy to say the information we share has helped people outside of the program to avoid adverse interactions, so its great information and a great program for anyone, even if you don’t think you want to go in the ocean.

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Continued on the Experience

Some people sign up just to go on the boat to learn about sharks and marine life and the on-going research, the program is very educational and you can see the animals from the surface so we encourage people to bring friends that might be scared or nervous, most people who say they are “just going out to watch from the surface and learn the information” end up getting in the water after seeing how much fun other people are having. If you’re planning to do the full program like most people you can rest assured that the bologist will be the first person in the water and the last person out. All of the guides are extensively trained by the most experienced people in the world for working in-water with sharks and large Marine Animals.

Your in-water guide and researching biologist will immediately get in the water and you can join them to experience first hand how beautiful and amazing the ocean really is. For your comfort there are lines with floats draping along the side of the boat with the ladder, you are welcome to hold on to the lines the entire time although your guide will invite you off to swim and or freedive down however we respect your comfort and swim ability and encourage you to relax and hold on to the lines if you would prefer not to swim around. You are always welcome to get out and take a break or if you want to try a different mask, snorkel, fins, or simply have a question the Captain will be on board at all times to assist you while your other crew safety you in the water. On the way back in your guides will share information and research variables specific to your dive as well as conservation information, our efforts, ways you can get involved and they will answer any questions you have while also looking for other marine life such as dolphins, whales, and sea turtles on the drive back in (**. We unfortunately cannot guarantee you will see whales, dolphins, sea turtles, every tip but we do see something every trip etc.) We believe you will walk away with a new found respect for the ocean and will want to #savetheocean for future generations! Book online now to join us now. We are ranked as one of the best boat charters in all of Hawaii.

About One Ocean Diving

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Founded for a collaborative research program gathering data for over four different current marine animal research studies, the One Ocean Diving Pelagic Program was adapted by internationally recognized marine biologist, Ocean Ramsey to serve as a major conservation effort and to help assist with funding for ongoing studies of the ocean.

What started with fish has now grown to encompass the Honu (Hawaiian Green Sea Turtle) and Humpback whales!



Our hope is to spread the word about the importance of protecting marine animals, and to encourage people globally to take action and use their voice to stand up for all these amazing species!

We seek to educate people through multiple platforms: personally through our dives, social media, giving school presentations, and working with individuals and groups internationally too support their research and conservation efforts through @oneoceanglobal.

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Facilitating and inspiring the connection of human beings to protect the animals within our oceans and the marine ecosystems and environment through first-hand experience. During our dives you learn about dolphins, sea turtle and whale biology and how it plays into their behavior, body language and human impacts on the survival of these marine species.

Over 2,600 Five-Star Reviews on Tripadvisor!

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Best way to see sharks

"Wonderful information, great boat, and amazing guides. If you ever want to see sharks this is the company to go with, they make sure you know that sharks are friends not food, and the sharks understand that humans are also friends not food. It is the ultimate experience."

– Patrick L., Tripadvisor
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If you don't love sharks yet, you will

"This was easily the highlight of my trip to Hawaii. I brought a group of friend that were a bit nervous about the experience and they came out of the water obsessed with sharks. They were even googling what kind of sharks they could see in their area! The team was very professional, the boat was comfortable, the group size was extremely reasonable, and the sharks were plentiful. We honestly might try to go again before we leave Hawaii we loved it so much!"

– Kris P., Tripadvisor
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Super informative and unreal experience! Highly recommend!

"Super informative and unreal experience! Highly recommend. Felt super safe with the highly experienced crew. We saw plenty of sharks and it really showed us we’re not enemy’s. Definitely check it out."

– Ethan A., Tripadvisor
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Surreal Experience!

"What an amazing experience! We saw many large sharks swimming below us in crystal clear waters. It was truly beautiful. Hoping more people can come see the sharks and learn about them, so we can be more conscious about protecting them."

– Cindy L., Tripadvisor