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How To Be Prepared

We look forward to having you onboard soon.

Parking: Please park by the little brown restroom building near the harbor entrance on the back side (west) of Haleiwa Joe’s Restaurant.

When: General tour times vary by season and can be seen on our online booking system with live availability (weather permitting)

Book the early morning trips as they generally have the least wind and the calmest conditions. Early morning trips are advised, especially for those prone to sea sickness.

What to bring:

  • Towels (2 towels are advised for comfort)
  • Sunglasses
  • Drinking Water
  • Camera (small hand-held cameras are not permitted in the water)
  • Change of clothes are recommended
  • Biodegradable Sunscreen (Please no aersol spray sunscreen; we have extra sunscreen on board. It is Hawaii Law that you can only use “Reef Safe Sunscreen.” We recommend Raw Elements brand)
  • We provide masks, snorkels, fins & rash guards, however, you are welcome to bring your own (please avoid the colors yellow and white)
  • Rash guards & wetsuits are highly recommended for jelly fish protection but not required (we can get comb jelly fish floating by irregularly). We have jelly fish spray and no-itch gell on board if you do get stung
  • We do have UV Xcel rash guards on board for you to borrow during your program, just ask the Captain when you board
  • We do not provide wetsuits

How to prepare:

If you are knowingly diabetic or allergic to bee stings or jelly fish, please let us know as soon as you board the boat and be sure to bring your medications onboard with you.

Please inform crew of any special medical conditions & medications. Safety is our top priority. Text the office at +1-808-649-0018 ahead of time and also let your Captain know as soon as you board. You should be physically fit and able to swim and snorkel with ease in waves and against strong current.

If you are prone to seasickness, make sure to take Dramamine the night before and 1 hour before boarding the boat to prevent it. If you feel seasick while on board, look at the horizon. You are welcome to bring any ginger lozenges or snack (like crackers) to help with nausea.

There is a dry storage on board for bags/backpacks, we just ask you to limit your items to one bag per person.

There is no restroom on board. There are restroom facilities at the harbor to use right before departure.

Persons under 18 need to be accompanied by a parent/legal guardian or have them sign the Release of Liability & Assumption of Risk waiver prior to boarding. Please reach out to the office if you need to sign the liability waiver prior to arrival.

*There is a 4ft height minimum to get in the water.

Due to risks associated with an open water environment infants are not allowed on board.

Ride alongs must be at least 3 years old and everyone under 7 years must bring/wear a snug fitting life jacket.

You must be at least 4 feet tall to get in the water and bring their own fins (preferably all black or blue) to ensure a snug fit.

All guests must have properly fitting fins to enter the water, otherwise watching from the boat is still a fun and educational experience*.

We highly recommend against coming on the boat if you are more than four months pregnant due to the fact that a wet boat is a slippery unstable platform with many tripping hazards and hard surfaces.

Please be advised that the in-water portion of this activity is recommended for healthy, physically fit, and active people only and it is possible you could fall and slip or be hit by the boat in the water if you’re not paying attention. You always have the option to get back on board the vessel and you always have the option not to go in the water. The program is still extremely educational and exciting from on top of the boat.

To necessitate safety, there is a weight restriction for 250lbs per persons, for persons over 250lbs, please contact our office (+1-808-649-0018) so we can be sure to book you on a charter with multiple safety divers or have you purchase an extra ride along spot for everyones comfort and safety.
We retain the right to deny boarding and/or permission to go in the water if there are not sufficient safety crew scheduled. Each crew member on board is certified to lift up to 125-150lbs and in the unlikely event of an emergency we would be considered negligent if we didn’t have the physical ability to assist. *Please make sure to notify the office by call/text or email in advance. **This is your your safety and comfort as well as the crew’s safety and liability**

Swimming & Snorkeling Ability: Basic swimming ability is required. Basic prior snorkeling experience is highly recommended.

*Important*: Each person coming on the boat must sign a Release of Liability Waiver before coming aboard and participating in our Pelagic Snorkel program. **If you are under 18 years of age and your legal guardian won’t be present at the boar harbor to sign the waiver on your behalf, please email our office at We can send the waiver ahead of time for you parent/legal guardian to print out and send prior to your charter with us (and for you to bring it with you to the harbor)**

We have a very strict 24 hour rebooking/cancellation/no show policy and will not be refunded/rebooked if you notify us of changes within 24 hours of your booking.

Mahalo nui loa and we look forward to having you on board soon.

**All this information will be included in your email confirmation after booking online**