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Marine Research & Conservation Shark Snorkel

Quick Details

Person Must be at least 4ft tall
Ride Along
Private Charter Up to 12 people

One Ocean Shark Diving Oahu

Come aboard to learn about, watch, and actually snorkel with marine life. Learn about the biology, physiology, and behavior of different marine life and help contribute to conservation-focused research.


This is the best chance to see turtles, dolphins, sharks, big schools of fish, and even the occasional whale.

Important Information

Please contact us if you are over 250 lbs. If you fail to notify us about your weight if you are over 250 Lbs we reserve the right to deny you from boarding the vessel or getting in the water due to serious safety concerns for yourself and our crew. If you are not in good physical fitness or have any serious medical issues or limits to your physical fitness you must notify us 48 hours in advance to allow us to arrange for a 2nd safety

Please contact us if you are UNDER 18 years of age, and your parents or legal guardian will not be present at the boat harbor. Each person coming on board must sign a Release of Liability Waiver before participating in our Marine research & conservation Shark Snorkel. Please email the office at and we can send the waiver ahead of time for your parent/legal guardian to print out and sign prior. Ensure you bring it with you to your charter


Sign up for a GoPro on your dive!

Additional $50, sign up when you book. Remind your safety diver you signed up so they know who you are and what you look like.

Marine Research & Conservation Shark Snorkel with Professional Photography Package!

Additional $250. Must be requested one day prior unless a photographer is already on board.

Have your own professional photographer accompany you on the boat and in the water to capture images of you and the marine life you will see. Forever preserve the precious moment you swim with incredible marine animals. Your photographer will also assist and train you with your own personal camera setting if you desire.

Call for special group photo package rates.

All Charters Subject To Weather.