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How do I book?

Book online, instantly see live ability 24/7 by clicking the “BOOK ONLINE NOW” button above. If it says “CALL TO BOOK” it is likely full, please select a different day or time or call us if your schedule is not very flexible and we may be able to add another trip for you or add you to a waitlist. We recommend booking the earliest time available in the day. And considering that we are heavily reliant on weather, we also recommend booking a shark dive at the beginning of your trip (if you’re visiting Hawaii) in case we need to reschedule your dive with us due to less-than-ideal weather conditions. We hope to dive with you soon. ALOHA!

Blood: Can I still participate if I have open cuts or am on my period?

You will be fine. The shark’s behavior is not affected by human blood. If it makes you feel better: most of our marine biologists/divemasters/in-water safety divers are females that work year around, every single day in the water with sharks.

What is the cancellation/no show/late arrival policy?

Due to the high demand and very limited spaces (6-8 persons max per biologist ) and the cost to run the vessel and program, we do not issue any refunds for no shows/late/cancellations for any reason within 24 hours of your scheduled departure. If you think you may not be able to make your scheduled departure please reschedule PRIOR to 24 hours before departure by calling AND texting 808-649-0018 AND emailing

You must make sure that the call or text is received and verified with a verbal response or text back! The same applies for an email cancellation at This policy is very strict, please make sure you show up on time or reschedule MORE-THAN 24 hours prior to departure if you think you might not make it. No exceptions will be given without a verifiable emergency room notice.

Office hours are from 8am-4:00pm HST +1-808-649-0018

Is there an age limit or height limit for people who can participate in the pelagic program?

There is no age or height limit to come onboard the vessel. However, participants must be at least 4ft tall to get into the water. We require persons under 80lbs. to bring an additional life vest that fits snuggly. We are not able to care for infants or tiny children, please leave them in the care of a loved one on land while you enjoy your time out at sea with us. You must be physically fit and able to swim if you want to get into the water, if you are not you are still able to join us up top on the boat, see the animals, and learn the techniques, it is still a lot of fun and educational even just from the boat-riders option for top-side only.

How do I prevent seasickness?

Make sure to get enough rest the night before and take sea sickness medicine the night before as well as 2 hours before boarding the boat. Dramamine is a common over-the-counter antiemetic pill that helps treat and prevent the symptoms of motion sickness. Avoid eating and drinking any acidic foods and beverages, like coffee, oranges and orange juice and alcohol. We recommend you eat crackers or bread, something dry and bland to help soak up stomach acids before boarding. If you start to feel sea-sick while on the boat look at the horizon, stand in the back in the fresh breeze, try to keep cool, drink only little sips of water and chew on ginger (you must bring your own on board).

Can you guarantee safety in the water?

Because it is an open ocean and uncontrolled environment we cannot guarantee safety. There are occasionally jellyfish, sharks, and other wild animals. The owners and all current crew do however have a 100% safety record and we have taken hundreds of thousands of people out in the ocean with zero incidents for over twenty years (owners have operated for over twenty years, crew go through a minimum of one year training) however it is a wild environment so we cannot and do not guarantee your safety. We have the most experienced, professionally trained, and medically certified safety divers/marine biologists/divemasters in the water with you at all times. They are specifically trained in Hawaii for this specific area and conditions and they are the first ones in the water and the last ones out. Please check out our “MEET OUR TEAM” page and youtube videos if you’re intrested in learning more about a few of our team members.

I’m not a good swimmer, can I still participate?

Yes, you can still participate, however we strongly encourage you to practice swimming and specifically using a snorkel beforehand. We have a divemaster in the water at all times as well as a floating safety line attached to the side of the boat that you can hold onto. Please do not be shy and please be sure to let the divemaster and captain know that you are not confident in your swimming abilities! Safety is our number one priority! We do recommend you try snorkeling before signing up, if at all possible, to be able to enjoy our experience to the fullest. If you are not comfortable snorkeling, please consider joining us on the boat as a “Ride Along.”

Do I need any previous dive experience?

You do not need any previous dive experience, it is NOT a scuba dive. It is a shark snorkel with the opportunity to swim down, but you do not need to swim below the surface if you donʻt want to. the water is usually at least 70+ft visibility and you can see everything from the surface.

Can I bring my own camera/GoPro?

YES! However, small hand held cameras are not permitted in the water and GoPros are only permitted in the water if they are mounted on a dark colored pole at least 6 inches in length. We do have some GoPro poles on board if you donʻt own one that can be borrowed for free, however, the poles are older and we will not be held liable if the pole breaks and you loose your GoPro.

We do offer video and photography package options. Please text the office at +1-808-649-0018 to book the professional photography. You can sign up for GoPro footage on the day of.

Do I have to have a wetsuit?

A wetsuit is not required or needed for this program, but a rash guard is recommended for sun and jellyfish protection. We also provide rash guards for you to use, just ask when you board. If you get cold easily we recommend bringing a wetsuit.

What time do I need to be at the harbor?

You should arrive at least 10 minutes before departure (your trip time). If you need to use the restroom there is one available near the exit of the harbor (we DON”T have restrooms on the boat). Please wait by the white fish scale on the loading area closest to Haleiwa Joes Restaurant, just to the right of the single launch ramp. You can also wait by our blue “One Ocean Diving” kiosk. You should be able to see it as soon as you pull in the the harbor.


Please be sure to allow extra time for traffic. We take only 6 people, space is very limited and many people book months in advance. Please just make sure to give yourself extra time to make it on time.

Do we need to bring our own mask and fins?

No, we provide high quality mask and fins for you and eco-friendly defog solution.

How long does the trip last?

Trips are exactly 2 hours. Please show up early/on time to maximize your time in the water.

How long does it take to get to the dive location?

The boat ride to the dive location is about 15 minutes-25 minutes. During the ride out you will look for dolphins, whales (November-May), Honu (sea turtles), monk seals and other ocean life. You will get a very thorough educational briefing on shark and marine life behavior on the way out, including safety rules/guidelines on how to be as respectful and safe as possible while sharing the water in close proximity to large marine animals, specifically sharks.

How much time do I get in the water?

About 45-60 minutes depending on animal behavior, weather conditions, group sizing, abilities and time taken donning gear and getting into the water. If you want more time please volunteer to go in 1st, right after the safety diver, if you’re nervous please watch and let others go before you.

Can I still participate if I have open cuts or am on my period?

You will be fine. The animals’ behavior is not affected by human blood. If it makes you feel better: most of our marine biologists/divemasters/in-water safety divers are females that work year around, every single day in the water with sharks.

How many sharks will I see?

We guarantee that you will see a shark while you are in the water or we will issue a full refund! We cannot guarantee how many or what species will be present as the environment is constantly changing. The average number of sharks seen per trip ranges from:

3-20 sandbar sharks, 2-15 galapgaos Sharks, 1 if a tiger shark is present (seen on average once a month), 1-40 scalloped hammerheads are seen (more rare than the tiger sharks)

Whale sharks, great white sharks (white sharks), mako sharks, silky sharks, oceanic White tips, oceanic Black tips have all been observed while on our trips. However, these sharks are EXTREMELY rare and cannot be seen on a regular basis.

How many guests can be in the water at one time?

The maximum amount of guests per tour is 8 for your safety, comfort and for the highest quality intimate setting and an extremely fun and educational experience. One of our boats can take 12 people, however there will be a safety diver for each group of 6-8

How much time will I get in the water diving with sharks?

Please note that we DO guarantee that you will see sharks in the water however going into winter we cannot guarantee how much time you will have in the water. Safety is our top priority and depending on environmental factors such as how rough the surface waters are the safety divers can make the call to have a rotation (have people take turns in-water.). Please expect that if surface conditions are very rough or if the animals are needing their space back (many coming very close) that you may be asked to do rotations of fewer people in the water for safety considerations and your comfort. If you are a strong swimmer and want more time in the water please volunteer to go in on the first and last rotation. Please remember we operate in deep open ocean over three miles offshore with apex predators and your safety is our #1 priority. If you want to increase your chances of getting more time in the water please book onto an earlier time or on a day with very light winds. (Large surf and rain do not affect the charter much so we do not cancel for large surf or rain, only for strong winds.)

Office hours are from 8am-4:00pm HST +1-808-649-0018

What other marine life will we see besides sharks?

We look for dolphins, whales (November-May), Honu (sea turtles), monk seals, Malolo (flying fish), Boobie birds, and if you’re really lucky you’ll see the fascinating and elusive @JUANSHARKS.

Can I fly my drone?

Unfortunately it is a company policy we cannot allow use of drones on board for safety reasons. There is a possibility someone may be hit, our boats are rather small, and the north shore tends to be very windy. Exceptions can be made for private charters, contact our office for details.


We shoot a lot of TV episodes, it’s easy, safe, and we have the perfect set up with options for multiple boats. Text +1-808-772-0969 to set up to film a TV.