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Awareness Clothing & Art

One Ocean Design

A picture is worth a thousand words, and stimulating visual imagery can be an extremely useful tool in communicating messages across language barriers to help inspire change. Some people may never have the privilege of visiting the ocean or interacting with marine life like sharks, but art and photography can help bridge the gap and open this world to those who would never otherwise experience it. We are firm supporters of “artivism” (art made for the purposes of activism) and all those inspiring artists out there using their talents to help engage a wider and more diverse audience in conservation issues.

One Ocean Diving is proud to partner with the non-profit Water Inspired Conservation Group to continue its mission of utilizing photography and art to help inspire and further public education about the importance and conservation of sharks. Items purchased from the One Ocean Designs not-for-profit clothing and the accessory line directly benefit shark and marine research, conservation programs and campaigns. Beautiful designs inspired by the ocean and its inhabitants function as wearable art allowing you to take the beauty with you and raise awareness no matter where you go. Items like t-shirts, towels, reusable bags, yoga pants, bathing suits and more are limited edition and custom made, printed with hashtags like

#SaveSharks or #SaveTheOcean help people passively raise awareness in a very fun, active, and beautiful or functional way.

A portion of the sale from each item is donated to One Ocean Conservation monthly reef and beach cleanups, educational outreach presentations, and supports funding of tags and other equipment for shark researchers and students.

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