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Global Ambassador Program

Looking to get involved?

The goal of One Ocean Global is to help connect and facilitate conservation efforts around the world. We aim to provide a platform for global action by supporting individuals working towards positive change in their local community. While we encourage creativity and recognize efforts vary depending on location a few potential projects include:

  • Area cleanups (reef, beach, park, lake)
  • Educational outreach presentations
  • Political Influence
  • Campaigns/Petitions
  • Research
  • Documentary Screenings
  • Social media and more!

Join our One Ocean Global Ambassador program!

Life on Earth is more interconnected than some may think, and everyone can do something in their part of the world to make a difference. You don’t need to be a marine biologist to help save the ocean! We can make a stronger impact if we combine our collective efforts, and we want to help inspire people to work together and take action to create positive change.

Directions to Apply:

Please download the application below and send a completed copy along with your CV/resume (if applicable) to

This application will help narrow your focus and determine exactly how you want to get involved within your community to support or establish conservation efforts. Please stay connected and keep us up to date so we can highlight your efforts and get others involved to maximize the impact.