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Educational Outreach

Education is a major component of our program, and we strive to reach people of all different backgrounds and age groups. We are proud to offer a science-based program open to the general public that allows individuals to join a professional trained marine biologist in the water with sharks to learn about their biology, physiology, behavior, and body language specific to territorial or agnostic displays. We also host internships and offer research assistant positions to college students allowing them to earn college credit and gain valuable experience working in the field. Furthermore, we share a wide variety of useful information on our various social media accounts daily to help reach and engage a global audience.

The One Ocean Diving Education program also offers complimentary educational outreach presentations on the island of Oahu, Hawaii to help reach the next generation of conservationists. This is extremely important to us as these kids are the last generation that can help make a meaningful difference for sharks and the overall health of our planet, and we owe it to them to give them opportunities to get involved to make a meaningful difference. At outreach events, we visit classrooms, home schools, and private groups that want to learn more about sharks and marine conservation. We adapt the presentation to each age group and cover the following aspects:

  • General biology and anatomy of a shark, what each part is used for
  • Role of sharks as ‘aumakua and importance of sharks in Hawaiian culture
  • Ecological importance and role of sharks as top predators in the ecosystem
  • Overall trends and statistics on the decline of sharks and exceedingly rare adverse human interactions and more!

We even offer the opportunity for small groups of these students to come out with us free of charge to experience the sharks for themselves! We hope that students at these events apply their newfound knowledge and perceptive gained to continue to educate their peers and those around them, promote positive change for perceptions of sharks and how important they truly are to the overall health of our planet.

Do you have a school or group on Oahu you’d like us to visit? Please email us ATTN: Educational Outreach